Sergey levashov - solaris

It is alleged that, for years, Levashov profited handsomely by controlling a botnet that infected computers and affected computer users all over the world.

Irek Murtazin, a correspondent for Novaya Gazeta, has questioned how Kozlovskiy’s Facebook page went unnoticed by reporters for months. Murtazin said he routinely monitors social media for the hashtags and topics that appear on Kozlovskiy’s page, but he didn’t see any of the posts previously.

“Levashov is alleged to have controlled and operated the Kelihos botnet which was used to distribute hundreds of millions of fraudulent e-mails per year, intercept credentials to online and financial accounts belonging to thousands of Americans, and spread ransomware throughout our networks,” said Acting Assistant Attorney General Cronan.  “Today’s action, as well as the disruption of the Kelihos botnet in April 2017, demonstrates the Department’s steadfast commitment to working with our international law enforcement partners to identify cybercriminals and hold them accountable for their conduct.”