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The festival continues Sat, May 23, with two additional programs. Inside HR Giger’s Sanctuaries runs at 3:00 pm with “Through the Eyes of HR Giger” (2005, 12 mins.), an interview with the Passage Temple paintings framing the dark art master. “HR Giger’s Sanctuary” (2007, 20 mins.) highlights the HR Giger Museum and Giger Bar in Gruyeres, Switzerland, with a tour of the museum by the man himself along with discussions of his nightmarish visions. In “HR Giger Revealed” (2010, 52 mins.), director David N. Jahn, a one-time assistant to Giger, interviews many of the artists and personalities in Giger’s universe, and discloses the artist’s studio in Zurich.

Joel (21) - TagtraumJoel (21) - Tagtraum