Brain* brain 22 - the hard side of life

Dr. William Struthers, author of  Wired for Intimacy ,  sounds a similar alarm, teaching that viewing pornography and masturbating actually  weakens the region of our brain known as the cingulate cortex —the region that is responsible for moral and ethical decision making and willpower.

What is it about our brains that makes them so loyal to their beliefs? We don't seek refreshing challenges to our political and social ideologies from the world; we prefer newspapers, magazines and people that share our own enlightened values. Surrounding ourselves with "yes men" limits the chances of our views being contradicted. Nixon supporters had to take this strategy to drastic levels during the US Senate Watergate hearings. As evidence mounted of political burglary, bribery, extortion and other hobbies unseemly for a US president, a survey showed that the Nixon supporters developed a convenient loss of interest in politics. In this way, they were able to preserve their touching faith in Nixon's suitability as a leader of their country. (By contrast, Americans who had opposed Nixon's presidency couldn't get enough of the hearings.)

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Brain* Brain 22 - The Hard Side Of LifeBrain* Brain 22 - The Hard Side Of LifeBrain* Brain 22 - The Hard Side Of LifeBrain* Brain 22 - The Hard Side Of Life